Easy Ways to Clean Your Bathroom

It is necessary that we clean our house, making it sanitarily is very important for us and our household’s health. One area of our house that needs constant attention for cleaning is our bathroom. We all know what we do in our bathrooms every day, and we must keep it clean always, lest it becomes the nest for germs and viruses. 

Luckily, the cleaning product industry has been improving their products every year, thus making it easier for us to clean our bathrooms. But we must not rely on these products because it is only up to us and our commitment that things get done. So, to help you gain more insight and knowledge in cleaning, here is a list of easy ways to clean your bathroom.  


1. Cleaning the Toilet

Let’s get straight to the point; most people dread cleaning the bathroom because of the presence of the toilet. But you need not worry; you only need a bowl cleaner and brush to essentially do the job. 

Read the instructions of your liquid cleaner, most of them only require you to pour them into the bowl and let it set for several minutes. Follow the instructions given and wait for the bowl cleaner to do its job, killing germs and dissolve undesirable deposits. 

After the liquid cleaner did its job, you now need to brush up your toilet to make it sparkling clean and remove sediments. To have great results, you have to have a good brush, so make sure you update your brush always and replace if it has already mashed or flattened.  

Lastly and more importantly, you have to regularly disinfect your toilet bowl so you would be safe in using it. Like the liquid cleaner, read the label of your liquid disinfectant and follow its instruction of use. Let it set and perform its job, and then wipe it clean with water and a dry cloth to finish it. 

2. Cleaning the Sink

Another important component of your bathrooms is your sink; it is important to maintain its cleanliness because it receives a lot of chemicals from products of our teeth, hair, etc., 

In cleaning your sink, you have to use appropriate methods and cleaners. For regular grim and dirt, use all-purpose bathroom cleaning products and follow its instructions. For lighter ones, you can concoct your homemade cleaning solution; a sample of homemade cleaning products is the combination of equal parts water and vinegar. For stubborn and hard to remove dirt, you have to use the all-purpose bathroom cleaning products plus a soft-brush, just make sure to scrub gently to prevent scratches. 

3. Clean your Tub

Another important component of your bathroom is your tub; it is important to keep it clean always; after all, this is where we clean ourselves. To clean it, you need the same all-purpose bathroom cleaning product and soft brush you used in your sink.  

Apply or spray it into the tub, and let it settle for the indicated time. If there are stubborn spots or stains, use the soft brush to remove it. Finish it off by rinsing the cleaning product with water. If you are too busy to do these cleaning practices, you can contact professional cleaning service in this website www.socleanvirginiabeach.com 

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